Rural Women Initiative (RWI) is a charitable nonprofit organization for professional and non-professional young mothers aged 12-35 years in rural communities advocating and campaigning for gender equality through socio-economic and psychological empowerment of mothers for improved livelihoods.

RWI was born out of the need to address alarming levels of young mothers in the rural community, low levels of girl child education, violence against girls at school and girls rights to education in Uganda. All these challenges are compounded by poor delivery of government services in the community in key sectors like Agriculture, education, health and reproductive health services, Water and sanitation Hygiene (WASH) services with the district currently facing a water shortage. The biggest challenge is that women are the biggest bearers of this brunt thus the need for RWI to help address these community challenges.

RWI STAFF during a Field tour


June 2015


This Spring, The Pollination Project partnered with Levi Strauss & Co. to offer Nakitto Betty a seed grant to implement a Community Water & Sanitation Hygiene Project, Kikandwa Subcountry, Mityana, Uganda. She is an emerging youth environmental leader in the an area where less than 10% of households in Nakitto's region have access to clean water. Together with her co-leader Seruzi Alexander, they worked collaboratively with the community of Kasejjere to dig a clean-water well in the village but lacked funding to make it functional to the community. After being funded, the community is now enjoying the benefits of having safe drinking water eliminating the worry of drinking contaminated water.


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RWI would like to sincerely thank Wyt Raven from the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation for your generous efforts to make hosting our website a reality.

We appreciate all the efforts she incurred

Esta Kiwazi is a 60 year old a rural farmer, professional food security fellow, environmentalist and a Bold Leader member that provides leadership development and training services for young people and adults all over the world. She is a humble leader holding a degree in community development, who invests in her fellow community members with all her heart. Her humility, dedication and commitment to hard work with Rural Communities make her a very inspiring person to be the Patron of RWI.


Rural Women Initiatives strives to start a Beekeeping Project in the community. The project is to help fund Rural Women Initiative to train young mothers and its members in beekeeping & promote self-sufficiency within their homes. The goal is to raise enough money to distribute 50 bee hives to those women by December 2015.

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