Rural Women Initiative (RWI) is a charitable nonprofit organization for professional and non-professional young mothers aged 12-35 years in rural communities advocating and campaigning for gender equality through socio-economic and psychological empowerment of mothers for improved livelihoods.

This campaign is up & running! Help fund Rural Women Initiative ( in Central Uganda train its 20 members in beekeeping & promote self-sufficency within their region. The RWI members will educate those within 4 women groups in the subcounty. Their goal is to raise enough money to distribute 50 bee hives to those women by December 2015 .

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The project direct beneficiaries will be the 20 RWI members trained as TOT's in bee keeping and management (trapping methods, disease control, feeding and honey inspection) and then also the 2 women groups (approximately 50 rural women) of Kikandwa sub county to receive Bee hives and on site trainings on the above techniques. The community households will also benefit indirectly by adopting the new knowledge of keeping bees for income generation and poverty reduction in home steads.


The project beneficiaries who participated in the designing and planning of this project in it's initial stage of participatory rural appraisal used three tool kits: F.G.D-focus group discussion and seasonality and wealth ranking (WR) tool kits which reflected the future of these beneficiaries. After completing their training, the beneficiaries will have been empowered and be in a strong position to be the main producers of honey in the district and the region at large as well as having the skills to continue training new beekeepers in the area.

Project Purpose

To empower the rural women through engaging them in Beekeeping for daily income generation and poverty alleviation in home steads.

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Project Objectives

1.To have trained 20 women members of RWI as community trainers of trainees on Bee keeping, trapping methods and management by 2016.


2.To have been mobilized and sensitized 4 women groups in the subcounty and distribute 50 bee hives to them by December 2015.


3.To have produced 1000 Kgs of Honey by August 2017

Local Bee Hive Pictures

A man carries a hive made out of Banana Fibre


A bee Hive made out of a pot

A Banana Fibre bee Hive on a tree trunk

A bee Hive made out of a Pine tree trunk

1. The 20 group members are determined and have the will to be trained. They will then transfer their knowledge and skills to other members of the community and area.

2. The increased household income from the project interventions like sale of honey will provide a good motive for farmers to continue implementing the interventions so that they achieve their long-term dreams.

Lisa Arledge is a wife & mother of 3 kids. She graduated from Prescott College in AZ where she studied Wholistic Health & Visual Art. She completed the Herb Pharm Herbaculture Intern Program, located in Williams, OR in 2001. Lisa lived in Israel for almost 3 yrs where she learned about Permaculture, native culture & wild foods. She is currently enrolled in a 2-year Permaculture Design Certificate Program. She is founder of Bee Sustainable, a non-profit in Richland, MI. Lisa is passionate about taking care of her family, beekeeping, cooking from scratch, sustainability, art & craftsmanship. 

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Mark Boiko works at Bee The Change Honey Farm in Canada. His new passion in my life is working with bees. Bee The Change Honey Farm are a small apiary operating in the North Okanagan area of British Columbia. Their adventure began about 5 years ago. With two bee yards and about 20 hives, they are very small in operation. However, their plan is to continue building equipment and expanding the numbers in the community.

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